COVID-19 Update

Message for all

15th of October

New Covid alert level tier system update,

Although as you can imagine this is very bad for business these are the rules that we have now enforced on the caravan park under the new government system. If you live in an area that has been rated as,

Very high, Tier 3

You can’t stay overnight or use any facilities (toilets, bars, play parks, etc) on site. You can still visit if deemed essential by your local authority, but this must be booked with reception in advance and done in office hours. Also while on site you can’t socialise with any other customers/household and spend the shortest time possible on site, We would not recommend bringing children and if you do they must remain in the car.

High, Tier 2

You can stay overnight and use the facilities. But you may not socialise with any other customers/household at any time on site unless you live in the same house.

Medium, Tier 1

You can stay overnight and use the facilities. You can socialise with other customers in the bars and while walking round the caravan park outside and inside in line with the rule of six.

Currently the caravan park itself is rated as medium, tier 1. This obviously may change but the area you live is the tier rules that you have to abide by, Even if you travel into an area with a lower tier. These rules are in addition to the government rules and guidance and you must also abide by any new or additional government rules as they are put in place. The Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish governments also have additional rules.

This link provides the post code checker to ascertain the local COVID alert level you are in.

Message for all

Update July 30th

Service update for the summer holidays

The shop is open 9 till 6 every day and until 8 on Friday. You must wear a face mask or you will not be served. Small children that are accompanied by an adult do not have to wear a face mask but it is still advised.


The Windmill Club by the swimming pool is open 12 till 5 every day until 6 on Fridays and Saturdays. There is no indoor seating but additional outdoor seating has been set up.

Jakks Barn is open 6 till 11 every day and from 5 till 11 on Friday and 2 till 11 on Saturday. There is indoor seating and additional outdoor seating. To use either of the bars or their facilities you need to sign in to conform with our track and trace policy to assist the NHS and follow the bar rules set up for everyone safety

The Café is takeaway only with a limited menu. You may eat the food in or outside of Jakks bar if you like.

Toilets and shower blocks are open but fully closed when cleaning.

The swimming pool is open daily 10 till 5 weather permitting, Due to the limited numbers allowed in the pool we are running 45 minute sessions that must be pre-booked. Sadly due to the severe restrictions we cannot guarantee every customer will be able to use the pool during their stay.

Play parks are open dawn till dusk

All customers are asked to abide by our 2 m social distance in rule and wash and sanitise your hands at every opportunity while using the services on the caravan park. Please read the Responsible Visitor Pledge before booking.



Robert Shingler

Update June 30th

Please read this before coming to the caravan park, Responsible Visitor Pledge

Update June 23rd

We are opening to all (except day visitors) from the 15th of July. Although with the government’s recent announcement said that we will be able to open from the 4th of July as full guidance has been released as yet. Our health and safety consultants cannot provide us with the risk assessment needed until this guidance is released. So we are going to be reopening on the 15th of July. We are told this guidance will be in the coming days or weeks. We just need to be a 100% sure we can work safely before a full reopening.

This also means there may be some services like toilet and shower blocks, play parks, bars etc. that are limited and possibly closed at times. Other services like the swimming pool may be closed or very limited, until we’re given guidance about what we can open, we just can't be sure. So campers will still be able to bring a small wash/toilet tent and portable loo to put by your tent or caravan if needed though.

Not long now, stay safe

Robert Shingler

Update 8th June, Revised 14th June, this is still the current guidance we are hoping for a further Government update on the 24th of June.

Provisional bookings from the 15th of July  

Reopening of Lower Lacon we are hoping to open in mid-July so we are taking provisional bookings from the 15th of July and we will take payments for these upon reopening. To make a provisional booking you will need to email us on so we can send you the information needed.

As we said in our previous update, we are working with our trade association the British Holiday& Home Parks Association to get further information from the government on what we will need to do to reopen. We are trying to get all the obvious changes we need to implement to allow a smooth reopening of the site. But until the government gives us rules, we just don’t know what we will need to do or when we can open and in what form. At this point all we can do is wait for an update from the government around the start of July.

This also means there may be no services like the swimming pool, play parks, bars, etc and possibly even toilet blocks or these services may be very limited, until we’re given rules about what we can open, we just can't be sure. You will still be able to bring a small toilet tent and portable loo to put by your tent or caravan if needed though.

Hope to get back to normal soon, stay safe

Robert Shingler

Message for Holiday Home Owners and Season Tourer Owners

Update 29th June
We will be open for just Holiday Home Owners and Season Tourer Owners after 10am on the 4th of July.

Update 23rd June

We will hopefully be letting Holiday Home owners and Seasons to come before the 15th of July, hopefully the 4th of July. This is so we can test our systems with a smaller number of customers prior to reopening fully. So we are 100% sure we can work safely. But this is also waiting on guidance to be published. But services may be very limited.

Not long now, stay safe

Robert Shingler

Update 8th June 

Although our plan is opening for normal customers is the 15th of July

If we are allowed to open before that date, we will but there will be no toilet / showers or these services may be very limited, until the services can be bought in line with any government rules.

So, this will mean to stay, you must have toilet and washing facilities in your caravan. Although this will not be a problem for holiday homes it may mean that some seasons will still not be able to do more than a short visit because you will not be allowed to use facilities in other people’s caravans.

Like with anything at the moment this is subject to change. So when we are given the rules by the government we will know more.

See you soon, stay safe

Robert Shingler

Message for all

Update 27th May

Life is very confusing still at the moment, but I would expect to be open by mid-July hopefully.

At the moment we are working with our trade association the BH & HPA to get further information out of the government on what we will need to do to allow the opening because the last thing we want is to be told we can open the next day, but only when we have put these new measures in place. So, we are trying to get all of the obvious things in place now, so we are ready. But until the government give us rules, we just don’t know what we will need to do or when we can open and in what form. We do get information from the BH & HPA giving us the latest updates from the government, but all we are being told at this point is we will get an update around the 4th of July.  

We have also been in contact with our local MP to try to get more information and push for the phased reopening of leisure facilities. We're asking for phased reopening starting with self contained facilities like Holiday Homes & Season Tourers, then normal holidaymakers with caravans, motorhomes & tents. As we do not believe all leisure facilities should be opened at the same time as we think that caravanning and camping is much safer than an indoor sports facility or similar.

Also, we have had customers say that they know of a caravan park that is open for day visitors, but this is still not legal. I did have course to speak to the local police, so I double checked with them what they thought the situation was and they also told me that no one was allowed to visit the caravan park at this point. That was the 24th of May. The parks that I’ve been given the names of that are open, when I looked into it, they are not actually open, but they have other facilities on site that are allowed like fishing and water sports. But the caravan park itself must legally still remain closed.

And trust me as soon as we can open, we will. I realise this doesn’t make it much clearer, but this is as much as I know at this point.

Hope to see you soon, stay safe

Robert Shingler

Transfer and refund policy during COVID-19 shutdown.

Update April 24th 

As most of the customers that have contacted us have decided to transfer their bookings but don’t necessarily know the dates yet we decided to transfer all bookings that are in the closure period to 2021 on the same date. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a refund or still transfer them to a different date when we reopen.  But it does mean you do not need to contact us unless you already have a date in mind.

If you do have an existing booking in the  closure period that you would like to transfer it to a future date, please email us ( with your.



date of booking,

and the dates you would like the booking move to.

If you can’t transfer your hire or camping booking that are within closure dates you can still have a refund. But as we’ve now been forced to close reception, we are very sorry, but the refund will be after reopening.

Please bear with us as you can imagine we are now extremely short staffed, and this is a massive loss to the business.

At this point we are unsure if we are insured for this, but we feel is the fairest thing for our customers to have a refund or transfer there booking at no cost to themselves as we have been forced to close due to government rules. Also let’s be honest a lot more than a lot of the bigger companies are doing. As we do not know how long the closure will be for. We feel this is the best and fairest way to go forward.

And obviously, we will not be able to take any new bookings until reception is reopened and we can’t take calls.


Robert Shingler

Stay safe, stay at home.

Message for Season tourer owners

Update April 24th 

We have had a lot of enquiries from new customers wanting a season pitch and as we realise that some of our customers will not be able to continue with their pitch as they have been unable to pay during the closedown period due to the financial constraints that the COVID-19 outbreak has caused. If you intend to leave your pitch at the end of the enforced closedown period please let us know by email, this will mean that you will only be charged for that time the caravan was on your season pitch and so we can allocate this to a new customer so you will not be liable for the rest of the season.


Robert Shingler

Stay safe, stay at home.

Message for all

March 24th,

all non-residential caravan parks have been ordered to close by the government. As this is non-essential travel. In line with the government rules no one will be allowed to visit the caravan park during this period. As we have a responsibility to consider not just ourselves but the wider community.

However we are still running the shop between 10am and 4pm daily. This is only to supply food and gas to the local community.

COVID-19 Update